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Belly dance is a skilled and beautiful ancient art form. It is a fun and enjoyable way to keep fit with its roots buried deep in the past. There are many different theories about its origin. It appears to have its roots in several ancient cultures from the Middle-East to India to the orient. The dance was performed by women for other women as a celebration of femininity and sensuality. There are many styles and variations but the core movements remain: Spirals, circles, hypnotic undulations and shimmies characterize this ancient dance. With elements of earth fire air and water the movements mimic the everlasting cycle of life and the dance of nature. The movement of the hips and abdomen signify the fertility of life and the bare feet represent the connection with the earth. Bellydance celebrates the body whilst gently toning and encouraging flexibility, endurance and strength. You will find all the information you need about classes, events and tuition on this website.  

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